Jarduerak - Activities

About organising activities

We are very interested in meeting people who, like us, are willing and eager to promote the main objectives of the Society. People who can help us to promote the different aspects of the Basque culture in London and the UK, be it language, music, arts, cinema, customs, sports, etc. Please contact us if you want to suggest an activity or want to help us organise events. People from the Basque Country coming to London and wanting to help are very welcome and we would ask you to contact us to talk about it. Please bear in mind at all times, this Society is open to anyone and anyone can suggest an activity or help with the events.

We would especially like to get in touch with all sorts of artists - bands, singers, musicians - from the Basque Country wanting to come to London to perform or thinking of coming to stay here, although we would be equally glad to work with bands and artists from anywhere else. Likewise, any other form of art, cultural or recreational activity you practice and want to contribute with, or want to suggest, will be initially welcome.

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