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Fermin Muguruza Kontrabanda at teh Garage, London 2004


Saturday, March 06, 2004ko martxoak 06, larunbata @ "The Garage"

20/22 Highbury corner, London N5
underground-metroHighbury corner

Doors Open at 18-tan Ateak Zabalik


About Fermin Muguruza

Muguruza was born in 1963 in the border town of Irun, Gipuzkoa. Infused with the spirit of punk band The Clash, he and brother Iñigo put together the band Kortatu, rising to prominence in 1984 along with other bands under the DIY punk outlook. Kortatu disbanded though in 1988 after becoming a flagship band of Basque rebellious rock, only to launch a new successful project, Negu Gorriak, and moving on to a solo career at the end of the 1990s. He has showed a special commitment to Basque language and international solidarity matters all along.

Muguruza 1963an jaio zen Irungo muga hirian (Gipuzkoa). The Clash punk taldearen kemenaren eraginpean, berak eta Iñigo anaiak Kortatu taldea sortu zuten, eta 1984an egin ziren ezagun ‘egin zerorrek’ punk ikuspegia aldean hartuta. Kortatu, hala ere, 1988an desegin zen euskal rock erradikalaren talde miretsia bihurtu ondoren, baina berehala beste proiektu bati heldu zion (Negu Gorriak), eta bakarlari karrerari ekin gero. Beti agertu du euskararen eta nazioarteko elkartasun gaiei buruzko konpromiso berezia.


Extract from the Society's archives on this event:

"...And, as promised, "The Basque Music Machine" took off once more on February 17th 2004 at "the Garage", Highbury Corner, London.
Once again we had the privilege of having Fermin Muguruza to start it off. This time he introduced us his new project along with his new project, Kontrabanda, the komunikazioa tour. From weeks before the concert, the expectation started to build up, resulting in a full-house on the night of the concert. Fermin, in top form, supported by a group of excellent musicians, kept the audience in near hysteria, browsing through his new songs as well as many of his classics for almost three hours. We had the chance to see loads of young Basque people who wanted to come and join Fermin and Kontrabanda, and also were able to see people and friends from many other countries…Kurdish, Latin American, many British, French and Spanish and so on…and even, again, the odd Japanese student, with the mega-tiny video-photo camera…How do they do it?...Beats me… Total success. A truly multicultural festival, both in context and musically, due to Fermin's versatility when it comes to gathering his musical influences. A memorable evening indeed. Not surprising, since Fermin is a true ambassador for Basque Music in the world, and has followers in every little corner of it. Come back, anytime, mate… Eskerrik asko, Fermin eta lagunak, eta sorte on…"