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Fjord and Radio Revolucion in London Korrika 2005

This year as part of the Korrika 14 we are organising a concert with Fjord from the Basque Country and Radio Revolucion, from London and with a Basque singer. The concert will be in the Theatre in Oxford House on March 19th at 7 pm. Tickets 5 at the door. There will be food and drinks available. We are as ever really happy to be able to collaborate with these two bands and would ask you to join us there to show them our support.


About Fjord

Fjord is the result of the work of four friends who live in three different parts of the Basque Country: J. Sangre (Ekon, Brutal Melody, etc.), Keu and Mikel (Etsaiak, Uek, Psychophony, etc.) and Iban (Su Ta Gar, Baldin Bada, etc.). These four musicians have worked together on stage many times in the past and gradually formed a strong friendship. It has been a while now since they first got together and made plans to work in collaboration and in 2002 they started sending rough cuts and ideas. Each member developed his own ideas and then in June 2003 they got together in a farmhouse. In January 2004 they recorded a rough cut with Jimmy from Soziedad Alkoholika, as a pre-production, and then, in February and March, they recorded the album in the Katarain studios with Jonan Ordorika and Angel Katarain. Jimmy from SA did a great job with the production, which in conjunction with the group's ideas, has resulted in a very special album.