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London Basque Society - Josu Bergara acoustic concert in London May 2011

Carrying on with our very busy agenda and after a few very successful events, we are glad to announce a new concert, this time by the Basque singer/songwriter Josu Bergara, who will be with us performing on Saturday May 14th in Oxford House. We are very happy about the way our events have developed in these last few months and we would ask you to join us in this concert to welcome and support Josu. The gig will start at about 7 pm. There will be food and refreshments available.

For more information about this event or any other matter regarding the Society, please do not hesitate to contact us.


About Josu Bergara

Born in the Bizkaian town of Ea, in 1979, his first album was "Karramarroen Hiria" in 2006 and he has recently realeased, in 2010, his second album "Nora Zoaz".

In his own words: Years ago I started singing & writing my own songs. I just try to do my way composing music and I'll continue doing so. I've just released a new album (talking about "Nora Zoaz") with experienced professional musicians. Now, with this last record, we would like to travel all over the world while we perform. The idea is to take one copy of this last record and take a photo with the CD of the places we have visited. We have so far achieved this purpose and he have lots of photos in Tokyo, Moskow, Miami, Mexico, Hong Kong and so on. Soon now, in London as well...