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Keu Agirretexa performs in London - Poster

Keu Agirretxea & FIGNUH EXPERIENCE concert in the Chapel, Oxford House, on Saturday March 12th. Finally, after last year's fiasco due to the volcanic ash cloud spreading throughout Europe, and the following flight cancellations, Keu will be soon playing for us here in London in March. He has been working on some new songs and a new album, which he will bring to us here. This is great news all round then, and as far as we are concerned, we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with him and his band. As ever, we would invite you to join us there for this event. There will be refreshments and some snacks. Entrance 5.


About Keu

Etsaiak Musikka taldea - Etsaiak Basqe band photo

From the small fishing village of Ondarroa, he played guitar with legendary Basque band Etsaiak from 1994 till 2000. He then started teaching guitar in some music schools in the area. He also participated after Etsaiak in projects such as the band Fjord, made up of a group of friends/musicians from different bands getting together for what it would turn out to be a great and very interesting project. In 2006 after the official Etsaiak come back, and after playing with them again for a few concerts, and getting numerous offers for gigs and a new album for the band, Keu had to decide whether to stick to the band, or whether to make his own way with his new project, Uek. He decided to make his own way, and since then, he has recorded several albums, including an acoustic one, and has travelled all around the Basque Country performing well over one hundred concerts in these last few years.


In his own words and talking about himself, his music and his creativity, he says:

"I don't know where it comes from (his continuous musical creativity), perhaps I do it to try to get new sensations. I love music and I am in a constant and direct contact with it every day. It is my way of life. I learn from every style. All of them give me something".

Currently he teaches electric guitar in the Ondarroa and in the Bermeo Music Schools while he keeps working in his own music and his live performances.