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Basque music extravaganza - Concert at Conway hall

Basque Extravagance - Music Concert at Conway Hall's Theatre

London Basque Society in association with Free Dimensional Productions presents

"The Basque Music Machine"
FIN DE SIECLE - Basque Dub Foundation DJ Set
ATTILA the Stockbroker
FERMIN MUGURUZA FM 99.00 Brigadistak Sound System

Larunbata/ Saturday
Uztailak / July 1st 2000
Conway Hall
Red Lion Square WC1
Metro - underground iconHolborn

Sarrera/ Admission:
£8 Aurretik/ Advance
£10 Atean/ Door

Fermin Muguruza Brigadistak Sound System

Extract from the Society's archives on this event:

"...What seemed at first a dream, having Fermin to accept our humble offer to perform for us in London, turned out to be one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences we ever had. This was, indeed, the biggest concert we had organised so far. Sure enough, we had organised before a few great concerts with local bands in London, and some even from the Basque Country, but none of them could rival the amount of planning and work this concert at Conway Hall demanded from us.

From the day we decided to ask him, to the day we actually saw it accomplished, the amount of work (voluntary as ever) that many Society members had to do was almost overwhelming.

But...did we care? NOOOO!!!
Did we have one of the best times ever? YESSSS!!!

Fermin decided in the end to come to London a week before the concert, with his family - wife and children - and he was invited to stay for the week with a Basque family, one with young children too. As the Aste Kulturala (Cultural week) was unfolding, he had a great chance to meet many Basque people and other friends in London. He also had the chance, and really enjoyed, to spend some time visiting the usual popular London spots.

And so, the day of the concert came. July the 1st, a very sunny and hot summer day, and we set ourselves to turn this beautiful theatre within Conway Hall into a venue suitable for these 3 different bands we had on the bill. Just when we were finishing with the preparations and having sold in advance only about 1/4 of the 400 tickets for the concert, we started seeing groups of people steadily approaching the Hall through and around the small park in Red Lion Square. Carrying banners with Fermin's photos and Basque flags (Ikurriña). These groups started to take their positions outside by the back entrance, waiting patiently to buy their tickets. There and then it hit us. There it was. There was no way this was going to be a so-so day...

On and on they came, chanting, laughing, joking, greeting friends they had not seen for a while. Everyone was happy and celebrating, not so sure what, but who cares, even much before the concert. Good thing we did all the added effort of getting a licence to sell food (tasty as ever) and "Intoxicating Liquors", or, alcohol, as we know it. By the time the concert was ready to begin, we had sold just about every ticket we had available, the food and drinks were being enjoyed all around, with loads more left, and the punters were just about ready to jump to the lion's den if necessary...

First one on the stage was Attila The Stockbroker. Just him with his guitar, his energy, and his beautiful and enchanting melodies fueled by sarcastic and urban poems. Captivating and taking us all to a higher level for 40 minutes...just a clear sign of what was to come. People cheering, Attila grinning gratefully. It was all there. It was all go...

Then, along came Fin De Siecle. They gave us another 40 minutes of a great mix of their usual electronic music, but with an added touch of guitars, since they had just recruited a new great guitarist, David, a Society member from Donostia. This new line up sounded a lot more like a Rock band with an electronic twist. They did a great set which we certainly enjoyed a lot.

By the time they finished their set, we were all in a great mood and ready for Fermin's performance. Indeed, as soon as he jumped on the stage along with his band, a truly impressive and large group of very talented young musicians, the 400 people or more strong crowd that filled the theatre went wild...

"Hello London!!!"... Fermin shouted while the punters, now with the adrenaline at full levels, began dancing with the first chords of their set. From that moment, it was all a mass of people singing and dancing, begging for more. Fermin and the band in a great and feisty mood, clearly enjoying themselves as much as all of us, went on and on for over 90 minutes of hit after hit. Really hard to describe those moments...

All in all, a truly rare and memsmerising event that will remain fresh in our memories till the end of time..."