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Basque Dance Group Alurr Dantza Taldea photo

We are glad to announce the "Alurr Dantza Taldea" will visit London in April, and will be performig for us in the theatre in Oxford House. Coming straight from the small Gipuzkoan village of "Ibarra", this is a young group of dedicated and experienced dancers who have already been performing all around the Basque Country and beyond. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to collaborate with them. We know this is a very rare chance to see an event of this sort here in London, so we would like to invite you all to join us to enjoy the evening and to welcome them.

The performance will begin at 7 pm. There will be drinks and food. Tickets for this event will be £5, and available at the door, on the day. As ever, we would appreciate if you contact us and let us know if you think you are coming to this event.


About "Alurr Dantza Taldea"

Alurr is a dance group from a little town called Ibarra in the Basque Country, near Donostia-San Sebastian. It is made up of dancers of all different age groups. Alurr is a relatively new group which was founded in 1995. As time went on, new ideas were developed by the young group which started a project using new modern choreography based on traditional Basque dances.

Even though Alurr is based in the folkloric tradition, it is still an innovative dance group. Folkloric and contemporary dances are mixed together using a mixture of musical styles and rhythms with traditional costumes, paying special attention to the aesthetic detail of the theatrical scenery.

Alurr has a short but prestigious history. It has taken part in several international festivals all over Europe: in Barcelona (2006), in Italy (2006), in Germany (2007), in Ireland (2007), in Slovenia (2008), and in France (2009-10). Alurr has also performed in various different towns and cities in the Basque Country.

It has produced several different shows, all of which are very different from each other: SUA (fire in basque language), started in 2008, SOR-K started in 2007, BANINTZ (if i was), started in 2008-09 and finally OINEZEZ (by foot) which was launched in December 2010. Alurrhas chosen to perform the show SORTUZ in London. It's a show specially choreographed for weddings, conferences and small venues.

Today, Alurrchoreographs and performs a variety of different shows as well as teaching traditional Basque dance to people of all ages and abilities.

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Alurr Dantza Taldea Dance Group photo

Gipuzkoako herri txiki bateko (Ibarra) dantza talde bat da Alurr, Donostia ondoan dagoena. Talde hau adin desberdinetako dantzariek osatzen dute.

1995.urtean hasi zen talde gazte bat lanean, denborak aurrera egin ahala, jende berriaren agerpenaren eta gazteen asmoen ondorioz koreografiez osaturiko proiektu bat jarri zuten abian. Koreografia hauek Euskal Herriko dantza tradizionaletan eta oinarrizko pauso tradizionaletan oinarritzen dira.

Oinarri tradizional batetik abiatuaz izaera berritzailea dute. Dantza tradizionala dantza klasiko nahiz garaikidearekin bateratzen dute, eta hau guztia, batetik, musika eta erritmo eta bestetik, jantziekin bateratzen dituzte, gainera, eszenatokiko estetika asko zaintzen dute ere.

Alurren historia motza baina oparoa da, herrialde ezberdinetako NAZIOARTEKO JAIALDIETAN parte hartu dute, horietako herrialde batzuk ditugu Frantzia (2009-10), Eslovenia )2008(, Alemania (2007), Irlanda (2007), Italia (2006), Bartzelona eta Barrio de Garcia (2006). Honez gain, EUSKAL HERRIAKO era askotakoak eta ezberdinak diren herri nahiz hirietan ere jardun dute.

Ikuskizunei dagokionez, euren artean desberdinak diren ikuskizunak aurkeztu dituzte: SUA (2008an estreinatua), SOR-K (2007an estreinatua), BANINTZ (2008-09an estreinatua) eta azkena OINEZEZ, 2010.urteko abenduan estreinatutakoa.

Londresen aurkeztu behar duten emanaldia SORTUZ izenekoa da ezkontzatan, kongresutan, antzoki txikietan askotan eskeini dute emanaldi hau.

Momentu honetan, ikuskizun ezberdinen eta adin eta maila ezberdinez osaturiko talde ezberdinen eskaintza dute. Hauek guztiak web-orri honetan aurki ditzakegu: