Archives # Culture # The Society invited to the Diaspora Drop Down Day at Kelmscott School in London June 2011

The Society was recently invited to this event by the English department of the Kelmscott School in Walthamstow, London. We were only glad to be able to send two representatives to the school, to talk to the children about Basque customs, culture and traditions, the current situation, as well as the Basque language, which some children had a chance to practice themselves on the day, as we took some image based dictionaries to give them as a present. The children were very inquisitive and had a good number of questions later on, after the presentation. Both our representatives came out very satisfied and content about the way things had gone through the day.


Kelmscott School entrance photo

We enclose below the description of this event in their own words, taken from the School's newsletter:

As part of the work related to the Humanities specialism, on 29th June 2011, the English department held a Drop Down Day based around the theme of Diaspora. The aim of this cros-curricular day was to provide our students with a broader knowledge of the effect migration has on English language, arts, cultures, cookery, sport, traditions, etc.

Our students base is culturally very diverse and this day was an amazing opportunity for our pupils to learn more about the lives of a range of guest speakers that came in for the day. Our students represent more than 25 ethnic groups and many of the guests have direct relevance to the lives of many of our students, their families and the local community. In total, over 500 students were involved in activities on the day across years 7, 8, 9 and 10. [...] Two members of the London Basque Society taught some pupils about Basque culture, history and even some of the language.