Archives # Culture # "Independentistak" Hitzaldia in Oxford House December 2011

Independentistak hitzaldia in London on December 2011

Due to the weather problems in the Basque Country at the moment this event has been postponed till Saturday 17th at 10 am in Oxford House. The Society will be hosting, on Friday December 16th, a talk by Floren Aoiz and Mikel Munoa (Nabarralde, Independentistak, historians and political analysts) on the pro-independence movement in the 21st century. followed by a discussion, in Oxford House.

The event starts at 7:00pm. Free entry.


Floren Aoiz eta Mikel Munoak (Nabarralde, Independentistak, historialariak) hitzaldia eskeiniko dute Abenduak 16ean, Londreseko Oxford House aretoan, Euskal Herriak independentzia, XXI. mendeko euskal independentismoa eraikitzen izango da hitzaldiaren izenburua, ondoren mahai inguru bat egongo da.

Iluntzeko 7retan hasiko da, sarrera doan.


About Independentistak

Independentistak Hitzaldia in London Decemeber 2011

Independentistak is a pro-independence grassroots movement. They come from very different walks of life but agree on the urgent need to unite in favour of Basque independence. The initial promoters are well known activists, journalists, writers, actors, sports people, politicians...etc. They now want to expand the grassroots movement to all cities and towns in the Basque Country but they will also work in the international arena. They said they want to reorganise the pro-independence forces but they don't want to become a political party. Independentistak will work as a pro-independence citizen's network through exclusively political means but using innovative ways. They defended the need for independence as the best option for the Basque Country's future. Nevertheless they will also work together with other bodies that are in favour of a democratic scenario including self-determination for the Basque Country.