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New Txalaparta Tailerra starting soon in Oxford House!

Come and join us in this new workshop. We have been so lucky these last few months we have not one but two txalaparta tutors which has come to improve the quality of the workshops. The atmosphere is great and the students seem to be having a great time getting those rhythms out of the txalaparta. This new workshop will be free of charge and we want to invite you all to contact us if you want to be a part of it.


Txalaparta (pronounced cha-la-PAR-ta):

It's an ancestral percussion instrument played by two, who beat their sticks on the boards arranged horizontally at a roughly thigh high. Although in the old txalaparta fashion the device was kitted with one or two wooden boards, the instrument has grown ever more complex in materials and variety. The players try new combinations and patterns, while struggling to keep up the balance (more info in"