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Txalaparta Tailerra - Txalaparta Workshop...Next Saturday, February 20th, a new txalaparta workshop is starting at 11.00 am in Oxford House on a weekly basis. This workshop is likely to run throughout the year. The first lesson will be for free, so don't miss out on this opportunity to have a go!! The following Saturdays the fee will be £5 per lesson, with the Society members paying £3. Jabi and Iñaki will be in charge of the workshop. Please contact us for more info, to sign up or just turn up there. See you!!!


Hurrengo larunbatean, otsailak 20, txalaparta ikastaro berri bati ekingo diogu goizeko 11etan Oxford Housen, astero egitekoa. Lehenengo klasea dohainik izango da, eta ez zazula galdu, falta gabe probatu!! Bestela, 5 pound izango da prezioa eta bazkideek, berriz, 3 pound. Jabi eta Iñaki izango ditugu tutore-lanetan. Mesedez jarri gurekin harremanetan helbide honetan inforako, izena emateko; besterik gabe han agertzea ere badaukazu. Jaso agur bero bat


Txalaparta (pronounced cha-la-PAR-ta):

It's an ancestral percussion instrument played by two, who beat their sticks on the boards arranged horizontally at a roughly thigh high. Although in the old txalaparta fashion the device was kitted with one or two wooden boards, the instrument has grown ever more complex in materials and variety. The players try new combinations and patterns, while struggling to keep up the balance (more info in"