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We are organising a new Txalaparta Tailerra starting on Saturday, October 23th. The workshop will be free of charge. It will run from noon till 2 pm every Saturday in Oxford House. Jabi, the tutor again this time, is very keen on spreading his knowledge amongst the members and friends of the Society while he is in London. He thinks it would be great to work hard now for this next year, so he can leave his legacy when he returns to the Basque Country, and so, ensure the Txalaparta workshops go on even when that happens. We also think that is a great idea. There might also be some occasional collaboration from another of our members and txalapartari, Iņaki. So, it looks like once again we are starting the end of summer with some cool activities for what is to come. Everyone is welcome!


You can help us organise this workshop by letting us know if you are thinking of coming and joining us. For any other information or for more details, do contact us as well.

Txalaparta tutor and students
Outdoors txalaparta: Ander and Jabi
Outdoors txalaparta: tutor and students