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One more time as the summer ends and as we slowly revert to winter mode, the Society is organising yet again another Txalaparta course. This course will be starting on Saturday, October 15th and it will run every Saturday for 10 weeks, without any gaps at all, so the last lesson will be on December 17th, just before the Christmas period. The lessons will be held in the Society's office. The price of the whole course will be 50 payable on the first day. If you have any problems at all with this, please let us know and we'll try to help you to finance it.


When? - Noiz?...October 15th till December 17th, every single Saturday.
Beginners: 12 pm till 2 pm
Advanced: 10 am till 12 pm

Where? - Non?...Basque Society's office in Bethnal Green London E2 6HG.

How much is it? Zenbat balio du?...50 per 10 lessons, payable on the first day of the course.


For any other queries regarding this new Txalaparta course, please do not hesitate to contact us. Everyone welcome!


Txalaparta (pronounced cha-la-PAR-ta):

It's an ancestral percussion instrument played by two people, who beat their sticks on the boards arranged horizontally at a roughly thigh high. Although in the old txalaparta fashion the device was kitted with one or two wooden boards, the instrument has grown ever more complex in materials and variety. The players try new combinations and patterns, while struggling to keep up the balance - more info in