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Korrika 11 in London - Alaitz eta Maider

Korrika 11 Jaia - Weavers Fields & Oxford House - Saturday April 1999. Come and celebrate with us this Korrika Jaia in London. Txalapartariak, bertsolariak, jugglers, and even Alaitz eta Maider have come to join this party!. We will get together in Weavers Fields, Bethnal Green, at about 2 pm and begin with our symbolic run around the park. Later on, there'll be a lunch till late afternoon, when we will proceed to party hard with DJ, several rock bands and Alaitz eta Maider with their acoustic performance. Food and drinks all evening. Free entrance till late.

Never say NO!!! Anima Zaitez!


Extract from the Society's archives on this event:

"...Alaitz and Maider landed in London for the Korrika eguna celebration on Friday, just the day before the big day. That Friday evening, a group of friends of the Society had arranged to meet up with them and a few of their friends coming from the Basque Country in Highbury Corner. After meeting up and going through all the introductions, we decided to walk up the Holloway Road in search of a Pub. Not long after, we came across this Pub on the left hand side and decided to walk in. Once we went in there, what a surprise! It turned out to be an Irish Pub, and after ordering a few pints (Guinness, of course...) and introducing our large group of people as "Basques", the Irish folks started cheering and shouting, welcoming what they called "their Basque" brothers...That seemed to be the cue we needed to start with the party!. Alaitz pulled out the trikitixa from the case, and started playing a tune. Maider joined her with the pandero and both started singing. They sang a few songs and the Irish were absolutely gobsmacked! And so were we! How talented these girls are!. Anyway, that seemed to be a sign for what was to come the day after at the Korrika eguna celebration in Oxford House. An amazing number of people turned up all throughout the day's events and Alaitz and Maider kept the party going all day with their music. All in all, it was a great Korrika celebration, and a real privilege for us to be able to have these "elite" performers from the Basque Country."