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Korrika 15 Kartela

On Saturday April 14th 2007 we joined from London the celebrations of the "Korrika 15". This time, as in the previous times, many of our members came down for the event, which consisted of an afternoon meeting at the park near Oxford House, where we carried out our own traditional and symbolic "run", and a party afterwards at RampArt with food, drinks and music till late hours of the night.

Extravagantly, we set ourselves to cook some really special food for this edition, and as a result we were able to enjoy a truly magnificent Marmitako as a main and "star" dish, as well as several smaller side plates such as a variety of salads and txorizo.

Thanks to the facilities available at RampArt, we also had the chance to see on a big screen some videos about the different Korrika editions in previous years in the Basque Country, as well as videos of this year's edition, which AEK sent us for the occasion. These videos with really amazing and emotive images, music and interviews, kept the punters entertained for well over an hour.

Later, the London based Rock band "Two4aFiver" took to the stage and played a very solid gig, including their current hits and some of their new songs too. This band includes a member of our Society and they brought over to the party some of their friends too.

After a while and a few drinks, we were all good friends in all. They have been recently in talks with a record company and they are planning a very busy summer of gigs and tours. Not surprisingly, since they have great music and a very energetic live show. Thanks for the show and all the best to them. (

Finally, after some more DJ-music and some more good moments, and rather sadly, we had to call it a night and slowly started to head back home. Another Korrika in London, and yet another day to cherish and rememberů