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Korrika 17 celebration in London image

This will be the last and closing day of the Korrika 17 events in the Basque Country and we will be joining the celebrations from London, so come and join us. As always, we have planned a good number of events. Besides the Dantza-Dance exhibition on Saturday April 2nd in Oxford House by Alurr Dantza Taldea, we have the screening of the short-films "Laburbira" by Topagunea on Tuesday, April 12th. Finally, we will be getting together in Weaver's Fields, just next to Oxford House, on Sunday April 17th, at 12 pm, to run our symbolic korrika around the park and then we will proceed to have a lunch and a party in Oxford House.

Menu: Salad and Humous, Marmitako and dessert. Served with bread, water and wine.

Price: 12


Please, we will need confirmation if you are planning to come to this lunch. There will be a limited number of seats available. Do send us a message (subject, "Korrika 17 lunch", please) including how many of you are coming to book your seats. Also, if you are not able to join the lunch, bear in mind we will be partying for a few hours in the afternoon and you can always join us then.

All welcome! Anima Zaitez!