Archives # Recreational # Day Trip Mintza praktika to Beachy Head June 2009

Trip to Beachy Head - Sunday, June 7th... The Basque Society is arranging a day trip to Beachy Head (Eastbourne) on June 7, Sunday. Breathtaking scenery with high white cliffs overlooking the sea and a beautiful walk along beaten paths and rolling hills. Not a demanding route, while a short stretch leading to the beach may be quite steep (optional). Basque learning individuals are all invited too, Basque conversation or mintza-praktika will be included in the package. We are to leave from London in the morning in cars, get to Eastbourne, do the walk, have a casual lunch and back in the afternoon. Please sign up for the trip by emailing us, and let us know your area in London. Further details will be provided. See you there, jaso agur bero bat!

Beachy Head photo Beachy Head photo Beachy Head photo Beachy Head photo Beachy Head lighthouse photo