Archives # Recreational # Euskara Students' Mintza Praktika Day Trip to Canterbury April 2009

Basque language teacher and students

"A Canterbury Tale..." On Sunday the 26th of April, the Euskara ikasleak were invited to Canterbury by their spiritual leader. No, not the Archbishop of Canterbury, but our own St Gorka of Roman, phd. During the pilgrimage to his shrine (home), the ikasleak were treated to a tour of all the sites of that marvellous and wonderful medieval city (the cathedral, canals, chocolate box tudor buildings, etc). Of course, the ikasleak did their very best throughout the day to speak the one and true language, in order to please St Gorka. Later on in the day, as he was pleased with their herculean efforts, he honoured them with his superb barbequing skills. They all feasted and drunk merrily until they were all stuffed and very drunk! Well, maybe not very drunk but definitely very merry! As the day drew to an end, St Gorka decided to drive his flock and his trusted and faithful friend (Elur, the blond mastiff) to the beautiful Kentish seaside resort of Whitstable. There, everybody relaxed and stretched their wary legs on the pebbly beach, whilst taking in the healthy yet chilly North sea air. All in all, it was a joyous day out and all the ikasleak would like to wish Gorka and Iratxe a safe journey back home to Euskalherria and a very happy future. See you both in August!

The Euskara students will be visiting Euskal Herria this summer on a trip organised by them and the Society's teacher...