Archives # Recreational # Day Trip Mintza Praktika to Ivinghoe Beacon June 2009

Trip to Ivinghoe Beacon...Wonderful day in Beachy Head last time despite the gloomy weather outlook - which proved wrong for the most part. After Beachy Head, the Basque Society is arranging a summer kick-off day trip to Ivinghoe Beacon in Hertfordshire on July 5th, Sunday. It consists of a 7 mile/13 km long circular route (some 3h30) with panoramic views, clear trails, art works, gentle slopes and model aeroplanes taking off on ramps by the path.

We will be leaving by car in the morning from London, ideally do the whole walk round and come back to London by roughly 6 pm. As pointed out on the previous trip, Basque "mintza praktika" (conversation) for Basque students will be included. In order to sign up, email us, and we will contact you. Jaso agur bero bat...

Invinghoe Beacon Ridgeway photo Invinghoe Beacon Whpsnade photo Invinghoe Beacon view from Whipsnade photo Invinghoe Beacon model aircraft photo