Archives # Recreational # Uda Jaia - Summer Festival July 2001

London band Bottlejob

Once more, the Udajaia was celebrated in Oxford House and by all means it went off with a very loud 'Bang' as this year another concert was organized, featuring two Punk bands ('Aggrogasm' and the former 'Wastelanders', now 'Bottlejob') and with the particularity that this time it began with a 'chilled out' somehow bluesy, funky, jam-session in which several musicians took turns to perform.

Afterwards 'Aggrogasm' took the stage apparently with the aim of raising the dead, which almost was achieved with the cranked-up heavy guitar/bass, accelerated drums and a very mean and wacky lead singer engaged in trying to make it so. Great stuff, lads.

And then, with all the audience pretty worked up, 'Bottlejob' did us an honour by not only coming back to play for us but also by showing us how much they have improved their already solid music, as we had the chance to hear it in the last Korrika.

All in all, a great night, which slowly faded away at the rhythm of the improvised D.J. Ray (Oxford House's care taker) and finally saw us drifting away till the next morning...


London band Aggrogasm

Berriz ere Udajaia ozpatu zen Oxford Housen 2001. urtean. Oraingo honetan bi Punk musika talde izan genituen; 'Aggrogasm' eta 'Bottlejob' (lehenago 'Wastelanders' izandakoak) kontzertuari hasiera emateko zenbait musikari jam-session batean aritu zirelarik.

Jam-session horren ostean 'Aggrogasm' igo zen eszenatokira kitar izugarri idartsuekin eta bateria erritmo arinekin. Kontzertu itzela ! Ikuslegoa jada berotuta zegoelarik 'Bottlejob' izan genituen emanaldia izteko. Eskergarria da guretzako 'Bottlejob' bezalako talde bat berriz euskal elkarteko jaialdi batean egotea, eta ikusi ahal izan genuen nola azkeneko Korrika jaiatik hona taldea sendotu egin den. Kontzertu ostean Rayek (Oxfor Houseko zaindariak) ustekabean arrapatu gintuen D.J. moduan aritu zelarik jaia bukatu arte.