Archives # Recreational # Uda Jaiak: San Fermin in London Saturday July 9th 2011

San Fermin in London July 2011 poster

Celebrate San Fermin in London with us!!! Come and join us for this second edition of the San Fermin celebrations in London. Meet up at 12 pm in Oxford House for a very scary "entzierroa" (running of the bulls), proceed to a kalejira with music (Trikitixa), and make our way to London Fields, were we will enjoy some more music, games, food and drinks. There will be a £10 charge for an unlimited amount of food and sangria throughout the day, as well as a typical San Fermin red scarf to get into the mood. Click on the image to enlarge it and see more details. Please do contact us if you require any more information about this event. Everyone welcome. Let's join the fun back in Iruñea! Gora San Fermin!!!


How did it go?

This year's San Fermin jaia in London was equally as successful as last year's. We all gathered in Oxford House first, and proceeded to run the "entzierro". Luckily, there were no major injuries either this year =). The runners, all donning mainly red and white garments, and in a very festive and cheerful mood, then headed towards London Fields in Hackney, stopping in a couple of Pubs along the way. A lovely day, sunny and warm, was already on its way. Once in London Fields, a smallish but very popular park in the heart of Hackney, a truly multicultural and upcoming London borough, more punters and friends joined us. Many of them had been unable to join us earlier on. Some were Basque and some were from many other different places in the world.


More and more people came and even a great number of passersby stopped to join us for a while. A cool Sangria was prepared for the thirsty crowd. The food, prepared the day before for the event, was also soon taken out of the bags. Things were going in the right direction, but there was more left yet to come.


Then there was the music, many Basque traditional and popular songs, and, even an improvised guitar jam session, the txalaparta, the games, the sokatira competition...What a laugh that was!